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Real Heroes In Love: TCR vs Ryan Gosling

So here’s the story. We love Drive, and more specifically, we love the Drive OST. One of our favourite tracks on it is College’s ‘A Real Hero’. We figured out that it was in the same key as They’re Young, They’re In Love, so over the course of a few hours one evening when there was nothing better to do (There probably was something more important to do, but I’m glad I didn’t do it), Matt decided to lift the vocal track from our own single, and recreate College’s backing track with a little tempo nudge to make it fit just right.

That wasn’t enough. It needed a music video. So we took the opening scene from Drive, chopped a few minutes to match the length of the song et voila. Please enjoy the fruits of our labour… Proudly presenting: The Cape Race vs. Ryan Gosling

P.S. If you want this for your iPod, you can pick it up exclusively on our Bandcamp right here.
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