The Reprieve

My second verse gets brighter than this first,
but please give me a chance to show me at my worst.
When it ends I hope you’ll seize on the reprieve,
And just be grateful for once that my heart is up my sleeve.

Forget my blessings, I am counting calories,
But all I seem to vomit out are these routine pleasantries,
To keep my friends the safer side of enemies
I don’t know why I even care, but I guess I was born to please.

Don’t let me see you making eyes again.

I’m dressed as death and I am taking to the floor,
Spreading curses and condemning every reveller I’ve scorned,
Till there was bodies and there was music and there was me,
I’ll be the beautiful centre of a perfect Halloween… now they just lie there.

Don’t let me see you making eyes again.

I am so eloquently voicing my dismay,
And when it ends will be the worst part of your day.

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