Digging For Gold

I’m digging for gold, but heaven knows what I’ll be finding underneath.
Pictures of you, from scraps we pieced together in our memories

They got old, you stayed the same.
Do you watch them grow, oh little rose?

I’m digging for gold, oh heaven knows if I’ll be climbing back at all.
I followed you down, down, down, and if not for three of four of you I’d stay below.

We all sang along, but every hymn falling on deafest of ears,
The hardest of falls and I’m down to my knees.
I look for you sleeping,
She sleeps elsewhere.

It was dark in the halls, so I kept to the walls,
I was following the hush of your voices.
I remember I knew when I walked in the room,
It was written all over your faces.

Close, I’ll keep you close
That way you’ll never be alone.

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